What is SYS7?

SYS7 is an innovative enterprise management system that operates within your web browser (as a website). The system was developed in 2006 and initially aimed to automate invoice generation for service providers. Over the years, it has evolved into a multi-industry, multi-purpose enterprise management system with unique know-how.

When designing the system, we combined everything necessary for small business owners into a comprehensive solution. We integrated the functionalities of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner), CRM (Customer Relations Management), and CMS (Content Management System). Our main goal was and still is to assist company management in organizing and planning work, increasing sales volumes, and providing useful tools for employees and media managers.

Now more than ever, our system is relevant for businesses that have shifted to remote work, as its main advantage is the creation of remote workplaces without additional investments in company infrastructure. Now and right away!

SYS7 is built on a modular principle, allowing you to use and work with only the modules that you need for your work. The number of necessary modules is determined based on your specific requirements. Below are the main advantages you will gain from working with this system:


The customer module enables efficient management of your customer database. Having all customer data in one place is essential for any manager.


Manage cash flow in any currency, generate, print, and send invoices, maintain a list of debtors, and access turnover reports based on service types.

Resource Analysis

You can access comprehensive information about your company's status anytime, anywhere. This is precisely what a company manager needs.


Our integrated solutions allow you to connect your website to inventory resources and easily create an online store without significant financial investments. The content management system enables website administration.

Inventory Management

The inventory module handles goods receipts, tracks stock levels in different warehouses, manages movements, sales, write-offs, and other operations.


Our automated invoice generation system is an invaluable tool for service providers. How long does it take to generate and send 1,000 invoices via email in PDF format? Just 5 minutes.


A database of documents and document templates that can be saved, printed, and forwarded. An invaluable tool for all professionals.


The entire system is built using the latest technologies. We welcome entrepreneurs, accountants, programmers, and hackers to test it.

A Few Words About Us

We are an experienced team of professional programmers. Over the years, we have developed an accounting system that has no equivalent in the world. It is fast, efficient, modern, and secure.

Thanks to our years of experience, proper task setting, and focused and persistent work in system development, we have achieved our goal of combining efficiency, intuitiveness, usefulness, and data security in a single software solution.